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Fencing and RepairsFencing and RepairsFencing and RepairsFencing and RepairsFencing and Repairs
After Closeboard Fencing
After Closeboard Fencing
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Fencing and Repairs
Fencing and Repairs
Fencing and Repairs
Fencing and Repairs

Newms Landscapes can supply and erect a wide range of fences, trellis and gates in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. We are able to install any style of domestic or garden fence to suit your security, privacy or aesthetic needs. Please see a selection of fencing styles below:

Fence Repair

You may find that your fence needs repair or maintenance work due to weathering or age. Newms Landscapes offer a full repair service,we can replace sections of your fence, or individual fence panels or posts, keeping in style with your existing fence.

Close board Fencing

Close Board fences are very robust, attractive and it is the traditional peep-proof fence. They can either be attached to wooden posts or slotted into concrete posts. The most popular type of boundary-marking fence suitable for heavy-duty and commercial use.

Waney Lap Fencing

Waney Lap fences are an alternative option and basically a horizontal Close board of waney-edged Larch slats set within a softwood frame to form a pre-assembled, self-contained panel.


There are a variety of different styles of gates we can make them to size to fit any gap.

Security / Boundary Fencing

Ranging from Palisade security fencing to half round paddock fencing Newms Landscapes can provide and erect a variety of styles.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing provides security and protection for children and pets while still allowing views of the property and surrounding landscape. The individual pickets can be finished in a variety of styles which include pointed or round tops in a planed or sawn finish.


Newms Landscapes can install virtually any style of fencing requested by our clients. We have extensive experience of fencing in the commercial sector. We service a range of clients that include schools, businesses, recreational grounds and are capable of delivering large projects always ensuring we meet the criteria in both safety and quality.

Chain link
Galvanised PVC coated

Many more styles available, please contact for details

Fencing Repair and Installation
Fencing Repairs and Installation